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12/10/2014 20:19
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Author: Qmax
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Welcome Guest

Phoenix framework will provide and handle following main parts or functionality, usable by all addons or additional features and plugins. Most is implemented via classes, sometimes via functions or available features.

  • CAPTCHA functionality
  • media handling, including uploads and management
  • boot class
  • login handling and site wide variables and information
  • security handling
  • multi language handling
  • section driven
  • templating and skins
  • string class
  • filter class

Phoenix Framework CORE I


The goal of Phoenix framework level I is double:


- a simple kind of static website publishing system

- a full base and API to build on, be it plugins, addons, MOD boxes or even vertical applications


General Features


  • Skins and templating system, with four standard displays (3, 2left and 2right, 1 column display)
  • Database driven Configuration, Website Parameters and Section Management
  • Multiple Menus
  • Multi Languages
  • Multi database backends
  • Full API framework (security, ajax forms, captcha, string handling, media handling, filters, ...)
  • Full separated Website Management




  • HTML Pages & documents (database driven) 
  • Tabbed displays of Documents and MOD Boxes
  • Guestbook
  • FAQ
  • Integrated Banner System (inclusive Flash displays, with counters and links)
  • Contact Form
  • Email Friend Form


Standard Templates


  • 3 cols 
  • 2 cols left
  • 2 cols right 
  • 1 col
  • MOD boxes defined on section base


MOD Boxes


  • Change Skin
  • Change Language
  • Simple Calendar (Skinned Images & Clock)
  • Tabulations (Database driven or not)
  • Banners (with counters and management)
  • Documents (HTML pages & texts)


Mamagement Features


  • Configuration & Parameters

Phoenix Framework CORE II


The goal of level II is making Community aimed Website, essentially with Private Messaging system, Forums and Polls, and connection to social networks as Facebook and similar.




  • Forums
  • Polls (with IP driven voting and time delay)
  • Private Messaging and internal Email System and Friends Management
  • News & Headlines
  • Social Media Websites Integration


MOD Boxes


  • Recents Posts
  • Statistics (visitors, members)
  • Randomn News
  • Latest Headlines and RSS feeds
  • Randomn Polls display (for still active ones)

Phoenix Framework CORE III


All kind of plugins, addons, MOD Boxes etc... based on the Phoenix Framework. Could be developped by third party or by initial developpers.



Features (mainly the internally developped ones for the moment) - depending on itself some additional MOD boxes and alike will be integrated with them.


  • documentation system (can be used for other usages)
  • database driven template and layout system
  • simple wiki system
  • directories
  • blogs
  • events & agenda
  • little vertical applications essentially based on directories and its own framework (example: bug tracking)
  • eShopping



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